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The When and How of Sharing Your Personal Story

A few years ago a blogger asked me for advice on how to come up with ideas for their posts. My answer? Rummage through your brain for what hurts, and then write about it. Most of you who have been following me for some time know that I do not like personal blogs. You know, […]

The When and How of Sharing Your Personal Story

I believe a blog is a platform in which one can express their inner selves. It’s almost like a journal, only that this time it’s put out there for the public to see and probably give their contribution.

When it comes to sharing your personal stories on a blog, one ought to bring out a sence of courage and inspiration to the people that read your blog. Personally I opened up my blog to see what exactly is on people’s minds, what they think about particular things that are going on around the world at the moment, share and discuss the way forward.

I hope everyone that is using this platform has gotten good and benefited out of it. I also hope it has helped you mentally.

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