The code of silence ends here

As outrage burns over the murder of George Floyd, my commitment to police reforms & accountability has never been stronger. I’m outraged because the actions of those officers do not represent our honorable profession. I’m outraged by the depravity shown by Derek Chauvin under the color of authority, and we all instantly knew every cop […]

The code of silence ends here

And this is where the journey of truth and justice begins… #love #colour #justice

From what has been written in the article ” The code of silence ends here “, I would like to add that with the injustices that are going on around the world, whether it is one that concerns a person of black or white skin. We need to make sure that together we’re able and willing to live in unison amongst each other.

In addition, while in our communities we should be able to watch out for each other, lover one another, protect each other and most of all be our neighbours keeper regardless of the colour of their skin.

This is a journey we should be taking alittle bit seriously because not everyone is aware what lies ahead of us. I suggest we start now.

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