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Creating beauty starting from the word “empty”.

When I see an empty space, a whole lot goes through my mind, one of which is to create an experience and figure our how far my hands can take me. To somebody else it’s just “empty” while to me it’s a treasure in which  I can explore.

Recently I had  the opportunity to transform a warehouse into an office space where you feel comfortable and also one that gives you zeal to do what you have to do. With the limited ability to navigate, I had to draw out a plan in my head, put it on a piece of paper an later apply it to this “empty” space.

With so much time on my hands during the lockdown, I was motivated to make the most of it and let ART do its job, and that is to open up your imagination.

I want to encourage all those out there that feel like they are as good as useless especially the youth who would rather spend their time at school or hanging out with friends, that their is power in ART. You can start with redecorating your room or even just play with paint. Trust me you will be surprised in a way that you cannot even imagine. Your hands will do wonders, your mind will take you places and ofcourse, your room will seem like you just moved in.

This is what I could do with my “empty” space 👇. What can you do with yours?

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