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Which Black Lives Matter?

The message in the photo above is commendable, but does it reflect the Black Lives Matter movement in its present form? Do all black lives matter to the BLM leadership, from what an outside observer can tell? Clearly not. Only black lives lost in confrontations with law enforcement officers seem to count, because BLM can […]

Which Black Lives Matter?

2 thoughts on “Which Black Lives Matter?

  1. Hello Thanks for stopping by our blog. I, as well as many others, agree with the sentiments expressed in your post. It is sad but true that not all black lives lost make the news, are protested as an injustice or mourned. Perhaps there’s an agenda. Whatever the case. Jesus is Lord and His Justice will reign one day. Until then can’t we all just get along? Thanks again


    1. You’re very welcome
      I appreciate the fact that there is someone out there who thinks in the same line that I do.
      Bless you.


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